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Pauski's lifestyle

Hello everyone!
I am a 18-year-old Finnish girl who loves photography, sports and drawing. The blog is intended to clear things of my blog readers to Finnish. You can also find me ...

Instagram: _pauski_
Twitter: Pauliinaaah_
DeviantArt: SPN-PAUSKI

See you again in the next blog update. And sorry for the miserable English.

in many cases, people are asking what it is like to live in Finland in general?

Personally, I love Finland, the fact that there are four seasons. and every year during the photography successful fine. Finnish nature is very beautiful in different seasons. How many of the readers of this blog know what is the autumn colors. Put your answer with a comment down.
Taken 31/02/2015

The second thing I want to give everyone a hint of the Finnish people.
One thing to recognize is that the Finnish to the bus stop or the elevator to stand without saying anything and avoiding the gaze.
seeya again in the next update.


Hellouh everyone of my blog readers. Today I spent time with my friend Linda. We spend a lot of time on the weekends.

You find Linda
Me and My friend Linda

Twitter: lindusQ

All certainly knows that sometimes it is nice to dance to the music. So the two of us dancing and fun at the same time Linda SLR camera. Since then laughed stomach go sick dance skills. These videos are not really never shown to anyone. c':<

Hello again!

I thought to write today about how and what my friends laughed stomachs acutely. It is related to a case when we were drawn funny-looking square which had a ball eyes. So then I added a picture to a strange smile and evil eyebrows. xD ago I wrote thus indicating ... xD Wrote: This is Linda. then I took a picture of it and I passed it to Facebook. We laughed the picture with laughter.

Seeya ~Pauski♥

Hi again!
This week I have been awfully busy. In part, it has been left disappointed me. I had planned to visit the course of this week in stores.

Pauski's shopping list:
1. Grey canvas shoes price 7.50 EUR.
2. Strikethrough markers, the price of 4.95      euros.
3. The concept studies for the price of 5.00 euros.
But I figure that this relief the final weeks of the year. I hope it does not rain any more snow that could begin to use canvas shoes. I personally love the summer, so I hope the winter always going to pass quickly.
Something refreshing yet: " who believes in itself, always knows its ownself .."
While waiting for the next post to PAUSKI ♥



I just became more buying certain goods awesome!
These goods are well suited for this photo surprisingly well.

Today was otherwise have been okay day. It was a horrible thing to CLICK one by on in 1534 photo from the phone  for a laptop.Today isn't correct the other special things. IT WOULD BE A NICE WAY TO GET MORE COMMENTS AND EVEN SUGGESTIONS FOR THINGS WHICH I WRITE.

Here are a few good songs link:

I can add songs if you like them!


Heey everyone!

Welcome back to my blog a couple. This week has passed since a little too quickly. It is evident that I have not had the time to update my blog. This week, a lot has happened. The first best thing is that finally this week in Finland has come spring. Wonderful is it that the sun is shining and can be accessed while driving the moped. I would definitely Friday pictures of spring in Finland. Another really big request that begin to read my blog.

Summer glasses♥
Yours~ Pauski♥



Today has been awesome weather! these pictures were taken today. In Finland, there is always a gloomy winter, when spring comes dates will be changed into a truly BEAUTIFUL!

See you Again!
Story Of My Live



Today I drawing woman how is half of fame and everyone well-know musician. She is Rihanna. I have always admired Rihanna singing voice and how well she can sing. This drawing is, therefore, addressed to one of the most important singers in my life. Thank you for making the world's best music. If the way you would ever permit weed with joy!

BY: Pauski!

See Ya!

BY: Pauski!

See Ya!

Earth rotates on its orbit, and I will sing lalalaa..
These are the words of one song.
Nikke Ankara
perjantai 13

I thought that if you want to write about something so requests, write your comment. Now, on this day the topic. Subject is Time and Something. I thought the deal with a matter that will take me at least a lot of time. It is for the note certainly my blog. This thing is really important to me and I love doing it so much. The thing is, therefore, to take photographs. Recently I took today really successful image which I added just a black and white background. Add a photo to my blog when I get the laptop my disposal. I'm thinking that I buy myself the next summer the system of the camera. Do you recommend me a suitable model. So commented on down there comments, and also remember to put the subjects where I could write. Let's not here this time more! see you again a couple of my blog. remember to put your comments thank you!


hello again!

How is going? I am doing really well. I back to home last monday. I was last week in Turkey in Alanya. There was really great and really good conditions anyway! I got a trip to I do have a bunch of good mood and a great experience. I put on some day pictures and more information about my trip!



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  1. Hi! I like your new blog! ^u^ and I know about the autumm colors, hehe! >u<...just dont know how to explain it^^; could you write about what its like to train/do sports now that you dont have any hobbies anymore? To this or to that group blog?:o or sth that inspires you and son on...

  2. Wow, Pauski you have been really active with this blog this week end! Two posts already--in just two days! Awesome! I hope you will be able to keep up the same pace!
    I believe you are busy during school days but I hope you could update this on weekends!

  3. Huh Huh kovasti on vaivaa nähty tän eteen.

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